In an attempt to make sense of the nonsensical, I created to mock and indulge the absurdness of our misdirected attention in our increasingly neglected world. Somehow, mundane occurrences like receiving the wrong coffee order seem to dominate daily life, while the earth’s population is basically having an existential crisis: just read the news…it’s crazy out there. My anti-heroic dog, simply known as “dog,” attempts to navigate the cruel and mundane experiences of this absurd comic landscape. The comic investigates the existentialist themes of absurdity, choice, mundanity and indulgence. Unlike a comic in the Sunday paper (from a time when tangible newspapers were not just used to line a hamster’s cage) this comic is not meant to leave you with smile. Instead, through the dog’s hyperbolic escapades, maybe you’ll shed a tear because you feel the dog’s anguish. Why did you think you even deserved a punchline? You don’t. was created by Alex Gregory. To see some of my less tortured work, go to my online portfolio. Hannah Haderlein composed the background music for this site. To hear more electronic prairie sounds check out her work with Symfan.

Although the code stays the same, this website will always look different. Keep the sound on, and keeping refreshing this page to immerse yourself in this experience.